Montana International Film Festival | Billings, MT Sept 19-23, 2018


epic yellowstone

Babcock Theatre, Sept 19 | 6 pm

Directed by Thomas Winston | Documentary Feature | USA, 60 mins
Produced by Grizzly Creek Films
Narrated by Bill Pullman

Q&A with director Thomas Winston after the screening.

It’s among the last of its kind: a river, still wild. The mighty Yellowstone flows from the world’s first national park into the life of the American West, moving as few rivers do.

Undammed, untamed and changing with the seasons. This is the story of water that gives and takes as it makes a 700 mile journey from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. See how Yellowstone's bison, otters, coyotes, and thrill-seekers adapt to—and thrive in—these wild, untamed waters.

Stapleton Gallery, The Smithsonian Channel, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, and Grizzly Creek Films