Montana International Film Festival | Billings, MT Sept 19-23, 2018

Documentary Short Films

This block is made up of 4 documentary short films.
Only one ticket is necessary to see all 4 films.

2905 montana ave, Sept 15 | 7 pm

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Finding Water
directed by Brendan O'Brien | Canada, 33 minutes

In north-western Kenya, one of the driest places on Earth, lies the UNHCR Kakuma Refugee Camp. Home to roughly 200,000 refugees, and another 150,000 locals living nearby, getting enough fresh, clean water is one of the major struggles of daily life. In 2016, a team of Canadian geoscientists travelled there to try to find more sources of fresh water.


Inner Telescope
directed by Virgile Novarina | France, 35 minutes

Created by the artist Eduardo Kac to exist in weightlessness and to be made on board the International Space Station by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the work Inner Telescope lays the foundation for a new form of art and poetry, freed from the constraints of gravity.


directed by Francesca Weikert & Taylor Killian | USA, 25 minutes

Moksha is a film that follows three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy that mountain biking can give to women across the Himalayas. Follow these young women as they compete in mountain bike races across the Asian continent, claim titles as the first female MBLA certified mountain bike guides in Nepal, and most importantly witness the impact these women leave as role models for other Nepali women and girls.


Skating Cuba
directed by Matt Jeffery | USA, 8 minutes

Short documentary showcasing the first skateboarding mini ramp build in Havana, Cuba. Skateboarding is illegal in Cuba.